Alexander Serbul
The head of the stream of integration quality control and implementation of the 1C-Bitrix
Sergey Budyakov
Managing partner botmother
Aleksandr Shatalin
Account Manager at Wobot.me
David Pichsenmeister
oratio (Austria)
Natalia Parshikova
the marketing director at “Papa John’s”
Alexey Spiridonov
the technical director at JetStyle
Mikhail Popov
the founder and CEO of the virtual bank TalkBank.io
Oleg Varlamov
Doctor of Engineering, President of MIVAR, Professor at Bauman Moscow State Technical University and Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University
Mstislav Kudinov
Director of development at Freedom24.ru – online stock trading service
Vladislav Gafarov
founder of Mrbot
George Fomichev
The founder of Endurance Robots
Endurance Robots
Pavel Doronin
Founder Chatbots Community, AI Community, wobot.me, AI Today