Post-release 2017

Results of ChatBot Conference: new ideas, new solutions, new opportunities 

On March 31, Novotel Moscow City hosted the international conference dedicated to chatbots – ChatBot Conference. Leading industry experts presented their projects and showed how bots could be used in business. 

Conference: practical recommendations on building bots for business

Chatbot conference was divided in two consecutive streams: 

•    for developers, where Evgeny Molchanov, representative of Skolkovo, took on the role of moderator; 
•    for businessmen and marketing specialists, where Pavel Doronin, founder of Chatbots and AI Community, took on the role of moderator. 

As part of the first stream, Dmitry Soshnikov, technology evangelist of Microsoft, provided detailed information on how to build chatbots using Microsoft Bot Framework. To start with, the specialist shattered several myths of their infinite opportunities, and afterwards showed how to write a bot for a specific purpose, based on Microsoft’s neural networks, in five minutes. 


“Chatbots can replace applications, but they should not be too complicated. They can simply provide users with a functional capability in a more convenient form. As for the quality, it’s difficult to develop a bot that would understand natural language and communicate with users. And it is not necessarily true that such a bot will be useful for business”
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dmitry Soshnikov, Microsoft.

Presentation by Alexander Serbul, 1C-Bitrix, was dedicated to the development of neurobots for efficient technical support using Bitrix24 bot platform. The speaker told how to create a deep neural network with adaptive architecture, within which semantic spaces of questions and answers match.


"Neurobots allow you to save time for employees, speed up the search for answers to questions. They use fast search technologies in traditional search systems, as well as neural networks, which determine the most relevant answer from context. Thus, thanks to neurobots, the productivity of people working in technical support increases"
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Alexander Serbul, 1C-Bitrix.

The comprehensive framework of expert system modeling was presented by the president of MIVAR company Oleg Varlamov. The speaker demonstrated how the miwar-based technology allowed conducting thorough text analysis, revealing its meaning, understanding  questions and responding on them correctly, and also provided several case studies of the company.

Innovative products of MIVAR were showcased in the exhibition area of the conference. Visitors of the event were able to familiarize themselves with such solutions:
•    Wi!Mi – a service for building expert and logical systems;
•    Tel!Mi – a semantic platform intended to analyze and understand natural language;
•    Robo!Razum – a software platform for the intellectualization of robotic devices.

Also, presentations were delivered by the founder of Chatbots and AI Community, top managers of “Laboratoriya Nanosemantika”, Oratio,, Mrbot,, Endurance Robots, JetStyle, and Botmother.

Round table with Skolkovo experts 

After two consecutive streams of reports, a round table was held, moderated by the representative of Skolkovo, Evgeny Molchanov.

During the discussion, the issues of mastering complex software, interactive training of bots, implementation of neural networks, use of chatbot programs to attract customers and for technical support, were touched. 

Representatives of Microsoft,, Mobisoft and other companies took part in the round table discussion.

Conclusions: chatbots are on trend, and that’s only the beginning 

The international ChatBot Conference brought together a large number of market experts, as well as people interested in its development. Speakers’ presentations attracted lots of attention: the audience actively asked questions, and after the end of reports, interesting ideas were discussed. In such discussions, new solutions were born, meaning that the conference fulfilled its role as a catalyst for the development of the chatbot industry.

The participants of the conference came to an unambiguous conclusion: the chatbot market is still young, but actively growing. Moreover, already existing solutions are successfully used to optimize business and increase profits.


“In the future, neural networks will allow automating routine work, creating intelligent assistants to make decisions, as well as bots to perform specialized operations where fast logic is required”
                                                                                                                                                                                               Alexander Serbul, 1C-Bitrix.

Smile-Expo team thanks all participants and guests of the event, and expresses special gratitude to the packet sponsor – Freedom24.

See you at the next ChatBot Conference 2018!