Why does your business need a chatbot?

14 November 2017
Why does your business need a chatbot?

In 2016-2017, chatbots became a real discovery, forming a link in communication between people, as well as companies and their customers. If you own a business, you do not have to sit around and wait for your competitors to be one step ahead of you. You should really think about creating your own bot assistant for doing standard automated tasks that were previously done by a person.

There are three basic functions that a chatbot can do for you.

Send news and newsletters

The first type of work is informing clients about a new product or event. The message can contain a picture, some text, a slogan and a link. The user does not have to respond to it: they either click the link or close the chat.

Make the user interested

Yes, a chatbot cannot sell something the way a person does. But it can pique the audience interest. In the message, you can put brief information about the product or service and an invitation to the website.

In this case, the main task is to intrigue the client. After that, it's up to the real sales manager.

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Introduce the company to users

For managers not to waste their time telling about what the company does, you can give this job to a bot. Such questions from clients can never be ignored, since it’s important to name all company advantages to ultimately sell your product or service to people. Let the chatbot take care of these mundane but important questions. It's easy: just enter the organization information on the control panel and create button links. Users will be able to access various information by clicking the right button.


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