VTB24 launched Viber bot for currency exchange

03 March 2017
VTB24 launched Viber bot for currency exchange

VTB24 announced the launch of a currency exchange chatbot in Viber.

The bot will allow users to check rates of 10 currencies supported by the bank for individuals, as well as rates set by the Central Bank. All is needed is just to install Viber to the phone and send a request to a chatbot.

Currency exchange is one of the most popular services of the bank, said the head of VTB24 treasury Pavel Pshenitsyn. He added that chatbot will make the converting process more profitable and beneficial.

In addition, using chatbot, clients will be able to get promo codes for more beneficial exchange offers during promotional periods.

Previously, VTB24 has launched similar bots in Telegram and Facebook. According to Pavel Pshenitsyn, the service is actively used by around a thousand of people.

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