Experts have discussed security of IT integration in business environment

31 October 2017
Experts have discussed security of IT integration in business environment

Skolkovo has held the annual conference Skolkovo Cyberday 2017. The main topic covered was cybersecurity provision. In the course of the event, major approaches to informational security were to be outlined, and guarantee of safety of IT integration in the business environment, in particular.

Head of Cybersecurity Technologies, Lead Manager at the Skolkovo Foundation Sergei Khodakov informed that the main topics of the 2017 conference related to security of banking systems, cloud technologies, and artificial intelligence. He is sure that this topic is vital in the modern world. According to the official statistics, on the average, the global economy loses 550 bn annually, and the total losses amount can reach up to $6 tn in three years.

The participating experts were highly interested in the wide expansion of chatbots.

As it was claimed by Lavina Pulse CEO Andrei Masalovich, they are applied almost everywhere, many of them are capable of solving even the most complicated tasks in minutes.

Chatbots can substitute people in many spheres: for instance, 600 staff at Goldman Sachs Group were replaced by two people and a batch of chatbots that trade on exchanges independently.

It is almost impossible to underestimate the profit bots give us. They undertake current routine operations and give people time to deal with major tasks that require a complex analysis influenced by many factors.

IBM representatives are sure that a man-bot team is the most effective possible combination. However, this is the reason why security aspect comes first. Chatbot theft or illegal modification can cause significant losses to several companies at once.


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