Inna – AI-based female employee – in Innopolis Mayor’s Office

21 June 2017
Inna – AI-based female employee – in Innopolis Mayor’s Office

Mayor’s Office of Innopolis decided to implement a virtual concierge, providing information about the city in 24/7 mode. The chatbot is called Inna.

Innopolis is a well-known IT city in Tatarstan that develops and tests advanced technologies. Therefore, there is no wonder that the smart virtual employee has appeared here.

The digital concierge service is able to:

  • answer various questions;
  • provide traffic data;
  • name the address of the nearest chemist's shop or ATM;
  • tell where to hire a vehicle;
  • and many other things.

Customer support is available in three languages: Russian, Tatar, and English.

Innopolis authorities note that the amount of citizens is growing every day, which results in increasing pressure on operators asked similar questions. Inna allowed to automate partially the support service.

the chatbot is operating in a test mode and accumulating knowledge about the city. The self-learning system remembers and analyzes operators’ answers in order to process more requests eventually. In future, Inna will become the first fully valid virtual member of the Mayor’s Office. It will process voice requests as well as communicate with citizens and guests of the city in Telegram messenger.

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