Сhatbot therapists became extremely popular in India

12 December 2017
Сhatbot therapists became extremely popular in India

The outsourcing industry of India is estimated at $154 billion. But because of the mass automation, there’s a risk that about 4 million people will lose their jobs in the field of IT services. Naturally, specialists are worried about their career and prospects in life, but they don’t always have someone to discuss these problems with.

Because of this, chatbots with the therapist function (YourDOST and Wysa) became extremely popular in the country. People began increasingly seek psychological support from them. This communication with bots bears its fruit: people are less likely to experience stress, they deal with job application refusals way calmer and solve domestic disputes without any scandals.

Initially, YourDOST was a blog that the creators later transformed into a chatbot. Now it provides online psychology counselling for those who cannot talk to someone face to face.

The main competitor of YourDOST is Wysa. The chatbot analyzes all inquiries and provides the most optimal solutions for the problem. Creators of the platform abandoned standard advice of psychologists and therapists, because their bot not only listens but also sympathizes, does not judge and promotes positive thinking. Any consultation is absolutely free and anonymous.


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