Bot operator in Moscow Government’s integrated call center

14 June 2017
Bot operator in Moscow Government’s integrated call center

Since recently, a robot has been answering calls of Moscow City Government’s integrated call center. It asks a person to pose their question clearly and gives a comprehensive answer to it. If a question is too difficult, a calling individual is immediately put through to an operator.            

The bot is still operating in the pilot mode and processing about 5% of requests. People are warned on the spot that they will talk to the robot, although it is clear anyway due to specific speech of the digital operator.          

Integrated call center’s bot is able to:   

  • tell people about working time of multifunctional centers in various city districts;
  • give the address of the nearest center near a certain metro station or in a certain place; 
  • inform of water outage schedule;
  • and so on.

A lot of questions are still detrimental for the bot. Well, it fails to name Moscow mayor and specify where one can exchange the passport. However, the IT department of Mayor's Office says that the bot is constantly improving its skills. It analyzes every call: how a person responds, whether the tip has been useful or not etc. Thus, the bot will be able soon to answer the greater amount of different questions.      

What is interesting is that the digital operator can adjust itself to calling person’s speech. When the bot realizes that its tone and stresses differ from human pronunciation, it corrects them.   

The system will be permanently advanced for citizens’ convenience. Particularly, one is going to add a feature, allowing to print information regarding data the bot has already told and questions it has failed to answer on the screen when switching to the operator. This feature will make the service more quality and efficient.              

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