Chatbots to replace journalists and TV presenters

10 May 2017
Chatbots to replace journalists and TV presenters

Soon the latest news will be reported not by TV presenters, but by chatbots. Researchers from Amazon, Quartz and the Carnegie Mellon University do everything possible for this.

University scientists launched the Conversational Intelligence Challenge project, which implies the competition among bots in terms of their ability to report news naturally and convincingly. To determine the winner of the competition, judges have to guess if they are talking to a bot or a living person. Scientists do not believe that modern bots will be able to pass tests similar to the Turing test. The most important thing for them is to create a computer system that potentially will be able to replace a TV presenter.

Amazon launched the Alexa Prize project to find a chatbot that could be integrated into Echo devices. If the system is able to maintain an interesting conversation with a person for 20 minutes, developers will receive the main prize of $500,000 and the opportunity to cooperate with the IT giant.

Quartz in turn has decided to launch the development of a chatbot with artificial intelligence, which would be able to report news to readers. To launch Quartz Bot Studio project, the company received $240,000 grant from the Knight Foundation.

Thus, chatbots penetrate the sphere of journalism gradually. Of course, it is too early to claim that AI will replace professionals. However, currently robots write good sports commentaries, obituaries and short news articles. They do it so well that sometimes it is hard to realize who the author of the text is - a robot or a living person.

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