Three Swedish banks introduced polite chatbots in customer service department

02 August 2017
Three Swedish banks introduced polite chatbots in customer service department

In its time, Sweden successfully introduced and promoted online banking. Currently, it plans to become a pioneer in AI technologies use to provide services for bank clients. Thus, three Swedish banks developed chatbots for routine work.

► Aida, SEB AB

It was hired as a team member for an online customer support service. Aida took a part of co-workers’ responsibilities, which gave them time to engage in more complex tasks requiring more attention.

No matter what happens, Aida is always courteous and never gives up on learning. As the bot describes itself, “Always at work, 24/7”.

► Nova, Nordea Bank AB

It helps a bank department located in Norway. Nova is focused on pension payments as well as life insurance. A wide client base is at bot’s disposal (similar to Aida), and it is quite quick at reacting to standard requests.

As it is anticipated, soon, Nova will learn to consult on investments, block stolen or lost credit cards, issue bills and perform other similar tasks.

► Nina, Swedbank AB

This virtual co-worker has already passed a probation period. It is actively used at the bank and is planned to be introduced in all Baltic countries.

Like its abovementioned colleagues, the chatbot also comes in handy in client service: being polite, it processes simple requests and dedicates its out-of-work hours to learning.

Why is virtual personnel needed?

While online banking promotion, departments were massively closed and e-services introduction was quite aggressive and pushy. These factors resulted in the decrease of a customer satisfaction rate of bank services to the lowest point within the last 20 years.

The bank directory ensures that AI technologies application (in particular, chatbots) in service will turn things around.

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