Siberian Сhervonets launched two cryptocurrency bots on Telegram

28 July 2017
Siberian Сhervonets launched two cryptocurrency bots on Telegram

Founders of the Siberian Сhervonets cryptocurrency platform announced launching two bots on Telegram.

With virtual companions, users will be able to buy and sell a Sibcoin digital currency.

Sibcoin is a decentralized payment system where transactions are conducted by a complex mathematic algorithm without any intermediaries. Each community member has a right to produce chervontsy although the system algorithm strictly limits their emission.

Recently, Sibcoin developers have launched two exchange transaction bots on Telegram:

  • @SIBSellerBot – a cryptocurrency sale bot;
  • @SIBBuyerBot – a cryptocurrency purchase bot.

Thus, if you want to sell or buy Siberian chervontsy, there is no need to register at exchanges or make a request for withdrawal.

The bots will help novice miners to buy Russian cryptocurrency and exchange it for cash.

Sibcoin can be bought and sold for QIWI, Yandex.Money as well as transferred to a credit card. Transactions are processed immediately and aren’t geographically restrained.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency produced directly on the Net and isn’t related to a usual currency or a government currency system. Coins cannot be fabricated because they are a sequence of coded data. Everybody who has a powerful computer and special software can mine digital money. A relevant blockchain account proves the presence of the cryptocurrency.


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