Why messenger is an efficient fund-raising tool

06 July 2017
Why messenger is an efficient fund-raising tool

Several years ago, social media were the most efficient platforms for fund raising or, in plain language, free-will donations. However, now their audience prefers messengers, choosing an unobtrusive communication. Everything is simple and clear. There is no annoying advertising, and one can use chatbots to receive the required information.

In messengers, users behave differently if compared to social media. Accounts contain too little information to build the profile of a potential customer; communication goes in a continuous flow – sometimes it is hard to understand where one conversation ends and another starts, one can create general chats and many other things. Therefore, fund-raising tools used in messengers differ from those used in social media.

To motivate messenger users to be active, you need to be a part of the ecosystem. Few users will want to follow external links, read information on other resources and spend lots of time on payment systems to make a donation. This is where chatbots can help.

Why messenger is an efficient fund-raising tool. ChatBot Conference RU

They have been developed for over 50 years. In fact, that is a ready-made communication interface for messengers. It is only needed to build the dialogue logics. Chatbots answer frequently asked questions 24/7, search for news, send out photos and videos upon request, and help to make payments. The last option is especially important for fund raising, as in order to make a donation, the user does not have to leave the chat to go to a third-party resource.

Facebook Messenger offers a fully-fledged fund-raising bot, which accepts donations straight in the chat. In Russia, customers can use Viber wallets and QIWI keyboards to transfer money while being in the messenger. Also, one can create a payment bot on Telegram. Such a bot uses Kassa.Yandex as a provider.

Therefore, messengers have all tools needed for fund raising in Russia.

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