MyWidget platform is getting more useful

24 April 2017
MyWidget platform is getting more useful

Mail.Ru Group has updated the myWidget platform. Now the service allows creating chatbots to provide recommendations and a special widget.

MyWidget’s bots help content managers to offer personalized information to users of messengers. In other words, users will be able to read a selection of interesting materials straight in the chat.

Such bots can be created free of charge, easily and quickly. One does not need to possess any programming skills. You should connect the readymade bot to the messenger, and all users that add it as a friend will daily receive individual recommendations, compiled based on their interests. The program will factor in which information interests the user, which articles he reads till the end, and which ones he closes without reading. With time bot’s recommendations will be getting more accurate and useful.

Moreover, users can send queries to the bot to obtain some specific information, and the virtual assistant will send it to the messenger.

Andrey Kalinin, representative of Mail.Ru, believes that chatbots will help to build a new content distribution channel, due to which publishers will be able to increase engagement and loyalty of users that did not often attend their sites earlier.

In its turn, a widget for Accelerated Mobile Pages provides a possibility to integrate the block of interesting materials onto the website, with data uploaded immediately thanks to the AMP format.

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