Russian developers have attracted $2 million of investments in the USA for their project Statsbot

06 March 2017
Russian developers have attracted $2 million of investments in the USA for their project Statsbot

Three Russian programmers developed a chatbot Statsbot, moved to the Silicon Valley and got $2 million of investments from the largest American companies. Today their product is used by more than 20 000 entrepreneurs.

The project Statsbot was inspired by Artyom Keydunov from Sochi. Having received a degree in law, he decided to become a programmer. He moved to Moscow, gained corresponding knowledge and started developing apps and Internet shops.

Companies began implementing chatbots for fulfilling routine tasks two years ago. Artyom thought why not to create a bot providing analytics of a website. To carry out the project he invited his friend and developer of mobile apps Mikhail Melanin. Statsbot prototype appeared at the end of 2015. At the same time one more person joined the team. It was Pavel Tiunov – one of the first users who helped to improve the initial product. At the beginning of 2016 the chatbot was officially launched.

Statsbot is a chatbot which works in Slack chat and provides data on the website traffic, the number of registered users and other analytics from Google Analytics and other resources. It means that administrators don’t need to gather information by themselves. It will be done by the chatbot.

The project has been successful from the beginning. The number of users increased by 7% every week. Lots of large publishers wrote about the project. Slack placed the bot on the main page of its services.

Unfortunately, developers didn’t find money for the project in Russia. So, they moved to the USA. Having had a number of unsuccessful meetings with accelerators, they managed to find investors in the end. They include 500 Startups, Betaworks Botcamp, Eniac Ventures, Innovation Endeavors and Slack Fund.

Today Statsbot team has eight developers. The bot is used by 20 000 clients such as NASA, Vimeo, Walmart, EBay, HBO and other famous companies.

Developers are planning to transform Statsbot into a smart digital assistant which will also advise on whether the product is successful. Renewed Statsbot will replace not only analysts but also marketers.

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