Upgraded bot lawyer DoNotPay to help resolve 1000 various legal issues

13 July 2017
Upgraded bot lawyer DoNotPay to help resolve 1000 various legal issues

Joshua Browder, the developer of DoNotPay bot lawyer, has upgraded his product. Now, the chatbot is able to solve 1000 various legal issues.

Initially, DoNotPay was developed to litigate penalties for illegal parking. Within a couple of years, the chatbot of Stanford University student consider 250 thousand matters, 160 thousand of which it won. Totally, the bot helped users to save £7.7 million.

The service gradually became more functional: it started solving issues related with ejectment, insurance, disseisin as well as compensation payments for trains and planes delaying. And nowadays, the bot learned 1000 various legal areas.

People can address DoNotPay in order to return money for credit card purchases made by swindlers, solve maternity leave matters, prohibit companies to call with advertising offers and many other things. The upgraded chatbot will help to prepare documents to compel home owner to repair a chimney and examine gas facilities. Therefore, it will allow not only to save money but also to prevent a tragedy.

DoNotPay is based on IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence. The bot collect information on each case, asking users a range of questions.

Then, it makes a letter of claim and provide recommendations regarding further actions. Software still fails to handle a case and works with the limited number of legal issues. However, even these functions are enough to save a huge amount of money and efforts, as lawyers require considerable sums for consultations and preparations of every paper.

According to Joshua Browder, municipal officials usually impose penalties on the most vulnerable members of society who are not able to hire a professional attorney in order to controvert their judgments. The chatbot will help to restore justice and protect interests of less wealthy citizens.

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