Should retailers use chatbots?

11 August 2017
 Should retailers use chatbots?

Chatbot application in business is discussed at every step, but can you delegate marketing tasks in retail to the artificial intelligence (AI), and how effective will it be?

First, one should understand what is AI, chatbots and how they work. Simply put, artificial intelligence is a machine (computer, chatbot and other system), which has the ability to think almost like a person. In other words, it doesn’t just perform tasks according to a given pattern, but react to them, using a creative approach. There are two types of AI:

  1. Supercomputer that knows a lot, learns quickly, solves any problem, and in some cases, its abilities are superior to human ones. Such AI doesn’t exist yet.
  2. Narrow artificial intelligence is aimed at solving a specific problem. To do this, it uses a set of algorithms, or rules, based on which the system works. For example, recognize people on video and find them in the database.

AI of the latter type is often found in retail. For example, in compiling a list of recommended products based on previous orders.

And, finally, a chatbot is a specially developed program that can conduct a dialogue with a user. A pop-up window in the website corner, where you can quickly address the issue related to the purchase or goods, is also a chatbot. Most messengers allow you to use such programs.

Now, being armed with this information, you can make a decision on the introduction of the new technologies. First, analyze their value. If the chatbot really saves your time and money, and marketers can determine the application field and benefits correctly, then automation is a good choice for your business.

Having come to the conclusion that chatbot will simplify most processes, be ready to revise the way of application, since these technologies are still at the development stage. For example, the use of automation in service can scare customers away because of problems or bugs during the operation.

Now, it is impossible to say unequivocally, whether retailers need to use chatbots, but if you have already decided, then act thoughtfully.

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