No anonymity. The State Duma approved the law about mandatory identification of messenger users

22 June 2017
No anonymity. The State Duma approved the law about mandatory identification of messenger users

On the first reading, the State Duma approved the law making it mandatory for messenger founders to identify their users.

The document about necessary identification in messengers was approved almost unanimously. Only two officials voted against it, one abstained.

The draft law appeared because Roskomnadzor couldn’t track messengers’ correspondence since these services use data encryption technology. According to one of the deputies in the communist party, unapproved rallies are organized in messengers.

The draft law was created by the party “United Russia” and the communist party. If the law is signed, users will be able to communicate in messengers only after they confirm their identities with the help of a phone number. By the way, during the same reading they adopted the law about compulsory check of all SIM card buyers.

Apart from the proof of identities, messenger users are obliged to allow the state to send newsletters, delete spam and illegal messages.

In such a way, deputies of the State Duma resolved the issue of correspondence control in messengers without violating the law about information confidentiality and dealt with data encryption technology.

The law will enter into force if it is approved during two more readings, in the Federation Council and signed by the president of the Russian Federation.

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