Blockchain networks can positively influence AI neutrality

26 December 2017
Blockchain networks can positively influence AI neutrality

Artificial intelligence raises lots of concerns about its bias. It is caused by the fact that it is primarily controlled by such major corporations as Amazon and Google interested in the certain vector of its development. According to Jeremy Epstein, CEO of Never Stop Marketing, it is only AI and blockchain-based networks that could make machine learning more transparent and impartial.

Jeremy Epstein thought of this issue for the first time when his daughter show him the operation of Amazon’s voice assistant called Alexa. While discussing net neutrality, the algorithm appeared to use only censor terms and to choose the news rendering the single attitude to a situation.

Jeremy Epstein believes that it is beneficial for Amazon: the company has trained AI in such a way that the algorithm fully corresponds to its policy. It is a global problem, as the quality of artificial intelligence education depends on the volume of data: the more information, the more accurate AI is. With corporations collecting the biggest data bulks unavailable for common users, the network authority belongs to them.

The only solution is to create blockchain networks with AI integration. Such developments already exist: for instance, Ocean Protocol, SingularityNET or IOTA. These networks allow people to load information and receive the reward for it.

One more example is the SEED project providing transparency at the chatbot level. The network contains all the information about decision trees and bot training models that can be improved by users. Besides, chatbots have creators who obtain the reward for their development. Authors also have the right to sell certain chatbot elements for SEED tokens.


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