WeChat is used to file lawsuits and verify the identity

03 January 2018
WeChat is used to file lawsuits and verify the identity

China’s most popular massaging app WeChat is becoming more functional. Purchase payment and taxi request became earlier available with its help, but now the filing of lawsuits and identification of a person have entered the list as well.

Court of Beijing started receiving documentation from the plaintiff and the defendant via WeChat. Earlier, it had already used an instant messenger to send out alerts on the progress of the trial, but the new service required a special approach. The system works with face recognition technology and scanning of downloaded documents, as well as connecting personal data to the state database.

The authorities of Guangzhou decided to use WeChat as a platform for the creation of digital ID cards. It is a pilot program now, but it can become a full-fledged alternative to standard person's identity with the help of a passport or license.

According to statistics, 980 million people use WeChat monthly. Service is owned by the Chinese company Tencent, the most expensive participant of Hong Kong Stock Exchange (its shares were valued at $510 billion in 2017).


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