Whom chatbots help and how

20 January 2017
Whom chatbots help and how

Chatbots are becoming smarter and smarter, and sometimes it is difficult to determine whether you communicate with a bot or human.

Oracle has surveyed 800 companies and found out that 80% of them are going to implement chatbots for customer servicing by 2020. Melanie Barrois, HCM Strategy Director, told about modern virtual companions and advantages of their usage.


► Useful functionality of chatbots

Currently, chatbots are used to get necessary information, book tickets, call a taxi or order meal, find the most convenient route, remotely join a fitness center, etc.

Big companies consider chatbots as a solution of the most common problem: providing customer support in the evening and at night. Hiring employees for twenty-four hour operation is expensive and inefficient. Chatbots don’t require sleeping. They can response to customer request any moment and give comprehensive answers to their questions. And in the daytime, bots can essentially help a call center staff and improve a service level: customers won’t have to wait for a long time until an operator becomes available.

Not only call centers can use chatbots. They are able to simplify a communication process within a company as well. In particular, employees can obtain basic HR services quickly and easy: be informed about vacation time, public holidays, sick days payment, etc. At the same time, chatbots reduce duties of HR specialists who should answer each employee personally. HRs can focus on strategic initiatives instead of the same-type tasks that a common bot can easily deal with.

In general, chatbots allow to automate various administrative tasks, promising enormous prospects.


► Examples of using virtual assistant

At the OpenWorld conference, Larry Ellison presented ChatBot digital helper designed for ordering visiting cards. The bot could create a visiting card, specifying the name, position and contacts, as well as to place an order for printing and delivery in several seconds during short communication.

This simple example shows how useful the artificial intelligent program can be. Even if now chatbots have some functionality limitations, their opportunities will be much wider in future.


► What should be known about implementing chatbots

Useful tips regarding developing and implementing chatbots:

  • chatbots are interesting communication tools, meaning that they should interpret users requests;
  • it is significant to determine the functionality and usage scenario of bots at the initial stage of their development;
  • chatbots purpose is to provide as clear-cut answers as possible to received questions with no beating around the bush here;
  • users don’t want to get yes/no answers or ask a lot of questions in order to obtain required information, thus it would be better for developers to implement a solution tree based on the common questions and update it constantly.
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