Case study at ChatBot Conference: client – “Papa John’s” pizza restaurant chain, developer – JetStyle

16 March 2017
Case study at ChatBot Conference: client – “Papa John’s” pizza restaurant chain, developer – JetStyle

On March 31, ChatBot Conference will host Alexey Spiridonov, the technical director at JetStyle and Natalia Parshikova, the marketing director at “Papa John’s”. They will present the case study “Chatbots in the sphere of food delivery”.


JetStyle is a full-service digital agency with its own production which is in the top 30 of web productions and design studios in Russia. One of JetStyle’s clients is a famous pizza restaurant chain “Papa John’s”. The agency has recently developed a special bot for the company.

At the conference the client (“Papa John’s” pizza restaurant chain) and the service provider (JetStyle Company) will tell you about their experience of developing, implementing and using a chatbot for food delivery.

The presentation will be dedicated to chatbots as an additional channel for communicating with clients. Main points:

  • In which case a chatbot will bring your business additional benefit;
  • How to choose a messenger to start with;
  • Comparison of different channels of communicating with clients regarding their efficiency, an average bill, preferences and frequency of use (case studies);
  • Cost of the experiment related to implementation and/or testing new business processes (case studies: a website – a mobile app – a chatbot).

Moreover, from the point of view of marketing and real use of chatbots for the pizza restaurant “Papa John’s”, specialists will tell you:

  • What you need and don’t need to do while launching and promoting a chatbot;
  • How to choose a channel for promotion;
  • About launch of the chatbot for “Papa John’s” and results after its implementation (analytics with real numbers).


The international business event ChatBot Conference will take place in Novotel Moscow City on March 31. Register here:

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