What chatbots are currently used in fintech

16 May 2017
What chatbots are currently used in fintech

The implementation of chatbots in the fintech sector has allowed companies to be proactive and provide high-quality service at a low price. Soon, users will be able to buy tickets, pay for services, and go shopping in messengers. Moreover, people in some countries have been already doing this.

In China, conversational commerce is becoming more and more popular, overcoming other communication channels. Some citizens prefer to pay for all purchases using a special service called WeChat and scarcely use cash. The situation is a bit different in the West: e-mails, various applications, and bank cards are still in-demand. However, a lot of companies have already realized irreplaceability of virtual assistants and started implementing them on all possible platforms.

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Trend fintech tools applied in Russia and other countries worldwide include the following:

  • chatbots for consulting customers;
  • digital assistants for conducting online financial operations;
  • bot advisors, analyzing personal data and issuing a cost minimization decision;
  • robotic advisors – financial consultants, determining risks and the most efficient investment strategy;
  • services, allowing to buy security papers in the online mode using a credit card;
  • services, keeping records of personal finance and helping to save up a required sum for a certain period.

Conversational commerce allows to conduct various financial operations quickly and successfully in the format of common dialogue. Thus, specialized chatbots are becoming so popular.

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However, using artificial intelligence services in financial operations, one should understand that they have been developed using certain non-transparent algorithms and process data, which are not always high-quality. Traditional analytical approaches are safer and more accurate in this regard.

Nevertheless, experts say that smart chatbots will significantly change the fintech industry and become its integral part.

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