How to earn millions on Telegram. Life hacks from business geniuses

05 July 2017
How to earn millions on Telegram. Life hacks from business geniuses

Telegram is used by educated and financially reliable millennials, successful business representatives. However, Pavel Durov’s messenger does not offer a mechanism to search for and target subscribers as traditional social media do. Entrepreneurial users decided to do it manually and ask big sums for their services. The administrator of @rugram, Sergey Aleksandrovich, estimates that the total market of Telegram services is worth RUB 10 million per month in Russia.


Three scenarios of making money on Telegram


1. Reference in the catalog

Founder of @rugram catalog, which currently has over 33 thousand subscribers, takes from 12 to 14 thousand rubles for indirect advertising of channels. Monthly income of the catalog founder comprises around RUB 100 thousand and this sum is growing with the number of subscribers. Among customers of the catalog are marketing agencies, publishing houses and ordinary users that promote their own business.

2. Promotion of channels

By analogy with other social media, advertising agencies offer services of channel promotion, increasing views, and subscriber attraction. In Kyiv-based company PRWebmonee, four people are responsible for channel promotion. The prices are reasonable: attraction of one active subscriber will cost you 2-5 rubles, bot subscribers – 1.5 ruble, 10 thousand views – 500 rubles. It is more difficult to attract customers to business channels, so the price for this kind of services is higher. PRWebmonee earns around $2-3 thousand per month.

3. Development of chatbots

Telegram allows developing and launching not only information bots that send news to subscribers but also those that can find and book airplane tickets, order food, find a route, and many other things.

Professional programmers have opened Alpha studio and launched a service that develops functional business bots on the platform of Telegram. Their main customers are marketers, owners of large and medium-sized businesses, event agencies, and analytical companies.

The simplest bot costs 15 thousand rubles, more complex cross-platform virtual assistants cost 50–100 thousand rubles. Companies that develop chatbots monthly earn around a million rubles.

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