How to create bot for business in a day – find out at ChatBot Conference

27 February 2017
How to create bot for business in a day – find out at ChatBot Conference

On March 31, at ChatBot Conference there will be a presentation of Sergey Budyakov – Managing Partner at Botmother.

Topic of his report is “Creation of EGRUL bot: from the idea to 10 thousand active users”.


EGRUL is a non-commercial chatbot that is capable of sending extracts from the Register of Companies. In order to get such an extract, user should send TIN or PSRN of the company, and the bot will send back a relevant PDF document. Currently, it is the most popular bot in the Russian Telegram segment.

EGRUL bot was created with the help of cross platform for business bot development – Botmother. The service allows users to develop a bot using ready-made “blocks” for operating in Telegram, Facebook, Viber. Such smart assistants can be used in three areas: for client support, in retail and marketing.

At the conference, one of the platform founders – Sergey Budyakov will tell how to make a chatbot for business in one day.

Key points of the report:

  • idea of bot creation;
  • jumping into bot-api Telegram;
  • need for rapid obtaining of information on legal persons in case of absence of a solution;
  • internal hackathon for 24 hours and technical detains of bot backend.

Sergey Budyakov is an experienced specialist in the development of services for client support automation. Together with software developers Konstantin Tsukanov and Vitaliy Prikhdko, Sergey founded Botmother. The company is planning to improve the wordpress for business bot in order to make it compatible with all existing bot platforms.


The first international event in Russia, dedicated to chatbots – ChatBot Conference will be held on March 31 in Novotel Moscow City. Register for the event via the link:

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