How to make Vera like you: bot recruiter selects employees for supermarket Pyaterochka

12 July 2017
How to make Vera like you: bot recruiter selects employees for supermarket Pyaterochka

To start working at supermarket Pyaterochka, one needs to go through two interviews – at first with a bot, and then with HR manager. The bot will assess whether the applicant suits for the job, and recruiters will take a final decision.

Russian large food store chain Pyaterochka hires around 15 thousand employees every month. Automation used in the process of applicant selection helps to save retailer’s time and resources. Now part of recruitment functions is fulfilled by voice bot Vera. It analyzes CVs on recruiting resources, calls to chosen applicants and offers a job in the supermarket closest to their location. If an applicant gives his consent, HR department contacts him.

How to make Vera like you: bot recruiter selects employees for supermarket Pyaterochka - Chatbot

Vera was developed by a Saint-Petersburg-based startup Stafory. Bots can draw samples based on given parameters and recognize natural speech. Virtual recruiters have been implemented in spring this year. In the first three months, Vera called 16,600 thousand applicants, 1300 of which attended interviews with HR specialists. Thanks to the bot, Pyaterochka saves around 200 labor hours per month. Earlier, the search for new employees took 2-3 weeks, and now only 5 days.

Management of Pyaterochka is pleased with the bot, but wants to upgrade it anyways. Early this month, developers changed the intonation of Vera’s voice to make it sound more energetic. In addition, Yermila bot is being tested now. It works using another algorithm: when it sees that an applicant is interested in the position, it immediately transfers him to the HR specialist. Vera provided the HR department with applicant’s data only after they had a talk.

Pyaterochka’s bot recruiters are available in WhatsApp and Viber 24/7. They answer applicants’ questions, search for vacant positions in specific locations and make appointments.

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