Microsoft IT evangelist will tell how to develop smart bots at ChatBot Conference

20 February 2017
Microsoft IT evangelist will tell how to develop smart bots at ChatBot Conference

We are glad to announce our next ChatBot Conference speaker: Dmitriy Soshnikov, IT evangelist at Microsoft Strategic Technology Department in Russia will speak on March 31.

Speaker’s presentation topic: Development of chatbots (intelligent and not really) for various channels on Microsoft Bot Framework platform.


Dmitriy Soshnikov is an expert in the artificial intelligence sector, functional and logical programming. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, author of many scientific papers, academic and online courses. He is included to F# software association and Russian AI association. Dmitriy dedicates his free time to teaching children programming, constructing electronics and digital art. He is also an ideological curator of the Imagine Cup contest in Russia.

At the conference, the speaker will tell how to earn on functional chatbots, using Microsoft Bot Framework product, and show ready-made solutions.

His presentation will reveal the following issues:

  • Why did bots suddenly become popular?
  • Should bots be intelligent? Bots as a replacement of applications.
  • How does Microsoft Bot Framework allow to develop chatbots for all communication channels at the same time?
  • Special features of the natural language processing technology.


ChatBot Conference will take place on 31 March at the Novotel Moscow City (“Moscow 2” hall). You can register for the event on the website:

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