Vote for a chatbot! Virtual politician has been created in New Zealand

24 November 2017
Vote for a chatbot! Virtual politician has been created in New Zealand

A startup from New Zealand has presented a new type of politician in the form of a chatbot called SAM. She knows everything about the political situation in the country, statistics and facts, gives straight answers to questions rather than dodges like many officials do.

Although the algorithm does not have human appearance, many users liked her a lot. Unlike real-life public officials, the bot is always available for communication, any user can contact her, knowing English and having a page on Facebook. SAM can discuss various issues such as healthcare, education, social problems, and many others. Moreover, the bot is not just a prank but also a future efficient tool. The algorithm might run as a candidate for New Zealand’s next election.

Today, she cannot fulfil all tasks of a real politician properly. However, the project will make it clear for many people how functions of public authorities should look like. In fact, this chatbot is a vivid demonstration of what politicians could be like.

ChatBot Conference RU: Vote for a chatbot! Virtual politician has been created in New Zealand 1

Another benefit of artificial intelligence is the impartiality in political issues. Artificial intelligence does not have desires, cannot be bribed, that is why all requests and inquiries from residents will be equally important.

Meanwhile the algorithm is used as a tool for collecting data and statistics, processing of public opinion. Obtained results can serve as a vector for further activities for authorities. In such a way, the bot may become an intermediary between officials and citizens.


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