Main mistakes when developing commercial chatbots

04 October 2017
Main mistakes when developing commercial chatbots

Chatbot is a new promising business tool, useful for both advertising and working with customers that have already made their choices. However, many businessmen start applying it without coming to grips with the subtleties of use and as a result get disappointed in the tool, loose a part of existing customers, and scare away new users – statistically around 73% of potential customers will never turn to company’s services if they had negative experience of communication with the chatbot.

In his blog, founder of Genius Marketing Oles Timofeev named three main mistakes that companies make when they launch chatbots, resulting in business failures.

1. An attempt to simulate a real person

Most of customers understand that while talking on a chat they are interacting with a chatbot. There is no point in imitating real human communication, as it puts off the majority of clients. Standard greetings, goodbyes, and relevant answers to questions are more than enough to provide the customer with what he was looking for.

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2. Bots that talk too much

Too long messages from a bot can irritate customers. User comes to a chat with a specific intention and wants to find out some specific information. Therefore, a bot should offer laconic and informative messages. Besides, it would be better to avoid clarification questions even if a bot needs additional information to provide a response – better to initiate further chatting after the bot answers the customer’s question.

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3. Chatbots that do not have strictly defined tasks

There are different types of chatbots – from consulting customers to advertising mailshots. If a company is trying to use one bot for fulfilling several functions, the result will be disappointing. It is far more efficient to set a concrete goal and create a bot for it. If there are several goals, it will be great to have several bots. It will increase the productivity of realization of every task and will allow not scaring away customers with a large volume of unnecessary information.

If you have many goals, create a relevant number of bots. However, do not do everything at once. Focus on one bot, launch it, test, and make corrections. Only afterwards, move on to work on other bots.

In general, a chatbot is a correct solution for promoting business from scratch or facilitating the development of existing business. However, you should use it wisely if you do not want to get a negative effect.


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