Gartner: In the coming years chat bots and messengers will become more popular than social networks

01 March 2017
Gartner: In the coming years chat bots and messengers will become more popular than social networks

The epoch of messengers and chat bots is approaching. It is confirmed by Gartner analysts. Experts believe that classic apps and social networking sites are fading out. They will be replaced by platforms for communication and smart chat bots.

Gartner conducted its survey among citizens of Great Britain, the USA and China. Specialists found out that popularity of apps and social media decreased by 4 and 2% respectively since 2015. At the same time, the number of people using messengers for communication increased by 3%. The demand on apps for making purchases online and virtual assistants also rose.

The research leader at Gartner Jessica Ekholm says that modern users prefer having one digital assistant to downloading and installing lots of apps for different purposes.

71% of respondents said that they used virtual conversation partners minimum once a week. According to analysts, in 3 years 40% of network communication will be carried out via chat bots.

Every region prefers a particular messenger. For example, the most popular app in China is WeChat – it is used by 95% of respondents. Facebook maintains leadership throughout the Western world. The company management foresaw that social networking sites would become less popular and bought WhatsApp and Instagram which attracted billions of new users.

Gartner analysts are convinced that leaders of states should also consider using expert chat bots and AI systems since they are able to evaluate lots of factors and predict the future.

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