Facebook acquired Ozlo chatbot

03 August 2017
Facebook acquired Ozlo chatbot

Facebook acquired the project of the American company Ozlo, related to artificial intelligence.

The main goal is to extend the functionality of the Messenger application. 40 Ozlo specialists will join its developer team.

The Ozlo startup, Facebook interested in, is a smart chatbot, released last fall. It helps users to find necessary information: from choosing appropriate restaurant with fasting menu nearby to flight schedules to Guatemala.

The application processes a database of 2 billion data units.

The developers feature it as “the knowledge of the real world” and compare it to Siri and Google cloud assistants.

Ozlo was founded in 2013 by Charles Jolly, a former Facebook employee. It focuses on the machine learning technology. In 2016, it received huge investment ($14 million) from the Greylock and AME Cloud Ventures funds.

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