Facebook Messenger to become “social living room” and chatbot M – digital butler

27 April 2017
Facebook Messenger to become “social living room” and chatbot M – digital butler

Recently, we’ve reported that Facebook Messenger now features smart chatbot Facebook M, that can analyze correspondence and unobtrusively offer help after finding certain keywords.

At the F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg and the head of Messenger David Marcus said that they want to turn this chatbot into a real virtual butler. The messenger will become a “social living room” where you can communicate, order a taxi or food, share videos and much more.

Facebook Messenger to become “social living room” and chatbot M – digital butler

According to Facebook representatives, Messenger is no longer just a chat platform. Today, it is used as an advertising platform, and messenger bots became personal assistants. In the long term, the digital assistant Facebook M will compete with the popular voice assistants: Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant. Moreover, it already has an advantage: M is constantly “present” during a conversation and can offer its help at the right time.

Facebook executives believe that in the future Messenger will become a center of digital life. For example, user can write to a friend: “Let's go to our favorite restaurant”. Digital assistant will immediately offer to order a taxi with the help of Lyft.

According to Steve Wozniak, Facebook will become one of the leaders in the high-tech market and will dominate at least until 2075. The forecast is justified, since the company is already trying to overthrow Google and Amazon, offering convenient solutions for communication, information search, advertising, retail and instant performance of various tasks.

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