Facebook bot can convert a website into a PDF article or a podcast

20 July 2017
Facebook bot can convert a website into a PDF article or a podcast

A useful tool – Converter Bot – has emerged in Facebook Messenger. It converts text documents, webpages and video into different formats. Also, the bot uses the bit.ly service to make a short link.

What Converter Bot can do:

  • convert the webpage or text document into a PDF document or a podcast;
  • convert the video into a GIF image;
  • convert the CSV file into an excel table;
  • create a short access link;
  • send the created file via e-mail.

Also, you can upload the converted document on your gadget or share it by the Messenger.

The bot makes the work easier since it offers the list of available formats after the file downloading. Developers promise to improve the service with new functional features.

Follow the link to find Converter Bot.


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