Telegram chats that will be appreciated by IT and SMM specialists

28 February 2017
Telegram chats that will be appreciated by IT and SMM specialists

Kseniya Ulianova, SMM and PR specialist of the resource dedicated to healthy living explained which chats in Telegram will be useful for entrepreneurs, developers, marketers and SMM specialists.

8 useful Telegram chats

1. Telegram Info chat – channel @tginfo

Here users discuss the latest news of the messenger. Among the participants are Telegram experts, who will help to find the right bot, answer all questions, or will send you to look through the FAQ.

Coordinator: Vadim Chayukov.

Number of users - 786.

Ban for: flooding and advertising.

2. Telegram geeks – channel @tglive

Old school chat for everyone who loves Telegram. Here you can ask any question on functional bot creation, channel development, etc. Audience – IT, PR and SEO experts. They are very friendly to newcomers, and will always help and give advice.

Coordinator: Yaroslav Kovalchuk.

Number of users – 480.

Don’t ban greatly, but it is better to avoid spam and rudeness.

3. SMM Instagram admins

Chat is dedicated to Instagram, business advertising and different methods of promotion on the web. Among the users there are a lot of representatives of the SMM sector and businesspeople, who are often looking for employees in the field of PR.

Coordinator: Konstantin Shibaev.

Number of users – 293.

Ban in rare cases for spam.

4. Russian marketing chat – channel @smmrus

This chat discusses all marketing aspects. Here you can learn which text is better for newsletter, how to choose a design, and much more. On Fridays there are selfie parties, once a month - drinking parties. In general, it is not boring.

Coordinators: Pavel Fedorov and Semen Efimov.

Number of users – 1778.

Ban for: offence and flood.

5. SMM Chat – channel @smmlife

Here participants can discuss various SMM promotion methods. The audience includes experienced SMM professionals and businesspeople. It is better to communicate politely and on business.

Coordinator: Alexander Sokolovskiy.

Number of users – 1720.

Ban for: rudeness, spam and obtrusive advertising.

6. SMM in Russia – channel @smmplanner

Here users talk about different software for SMM and Smmplanner service operation. By the way, among the users there are a lot of developers of the resource. There are also many SMM experts. Some users may be a little rude. But here you will be banned for insults, so beginners can not be afraid to ask different questions.

Coordinator: Pavel Borisov.

Number of users - in 1319.

Ban for: insults and rudeness.

7. All-In-The-One-Person – channel @themarfa

This is a very useful resource for developers of applications and various products for routine work automation. Participants include many programmers. They help beginners to select and configure the desired program, give a lot of tips and different goodies, for example promo codes.

Coordinator: Konstantin Dokuchaev.

Number of users – 183.

Ban for: flood.

8. BotsHelper

This chat is dedicated to bots and software development. It is not surprising that the audience consists of developers and entrepreneurs, who sometimes are looking for professionals in bot creation. In general, the audience is very friendly and always helps to find the right bot or to design it on your own.

Coordinators: users @botcollection and @V_A_G.

Number of users – 331.

Ban for: spam, flood and political topics.

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