Lexi Club chatbot will refund money spent on curing pets

07 March 2017
Lexi Club chatbot will refund money spent on curing pets

Russian startup ReGa Risk Sharing has developed Lexi Club service which can help you insure a pet by means of blockchain.

To insure the pet and use the service, a client has to sign a smart contract, upload the pet’s photo and pay fees in the amount of 100 to 900 rubles every month. Thanks to these payments, the club members will be able to receive up to 80% of money paid for veterinary services in case of an event insured.

Services are provided by the smart bot RegaPet. At the moment of concluding the agreement, it analyzes the uploaded pet’s photo and places it in a definite risk group. When the accident occurs, the bot can call the vet, scan the bill, compare received data with the information from the vet clinics and refund the amount of damage.

Besides, the smart bot helps to looks for missing pets. With the help of neuronets, it analyzes photos in social networking websites comparing them to the photo of a missing pet.

According to startup representatives, bot interface, blockchain platform and neuronet analysis were developed with the help of Microsoft instruments. The project monetization is carried out due to users’ payments – 20% from the total sum.

The service has already been launched. You can become Lexi Club’s participant on the project’s website or by contacting RegaPet in Facebook, Telegram and Slack messengers.

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