HeadHunter chatbot cuts recruitment expenses

17 July 2017
HeadHunter chatbot cuts recruitment expenses

The largest Russian recruiting company HeadHunter launched a virtual companion for recruiting employees.

The bot quickly processes a large number of applications, answers questions about the position, clarifies information about professional skills and arranges the date for an interview.

The chatbot helped the company to automate mass recruitment. Earlier recruiters had to process thousands of applications per day. Today the bot does the work of dozens of experts having significantly decreased expenses and time on the recruitment process.

HeadHunter bot is available in all popular messengers in CIS. Jobseekers can ask it a question about the position, tell it about their skills and experience. Having analyzed the information, the bot sends it to a recruiter. If the employee is right for the position, the bot arranges the interview, and if not – it notifies the applicant about refusal or offers other positions.

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HeadHunter will notify employers about the new service in a newsletter and on a special promo page. Companies can create their own interfaces for the chatbot but the recruiter promises to carry out the process of choosing the best candidates by itself.

HeadHunter intends to involve all the communication channels with candidates by monitoring recruitment websites, social networks, advertisements, etc. The recruiter will also use target advertising – users will receive the reference to a vacancy they can be interested in. The link will direct them to a chat with the bot.

HeadHunter representatives have assured users that all the data they give to the bot will be stored and processed in accordance with the legislation of the country where the service is used.

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