Facebook chatbot to keep up logistic and easy conversation

30 January 2018
Facebook chatbot to keep up logistic and easy conversation

Chatbots can perfectly assist companies in the cooperation with customers. They rapidly process requests and provide necessary information, but dialogues with them are often pretty boring and same-type.

Facebook specialists have set sights on this issue. Based on their own chatbot, they have decided to show the right concept of human communication: users should seem to talk to a person rather than a program.

The Facebook team is going to make a chatbot keep up a purposeless talk. Bots are usually trained using movie phrases. However, real dialogues show that they frequently give illogical answers. To create something multipurpose, the developers have focused on changing the start of dialogue.

New technologies are called Persona-Chat and Amazon Mechanical Turk. Everything is quite simple. The first one allows the bot to tell a person some facts about its “biography”: it is supposedly an artist, has three children and has recently got a cat. The second one allows the bot to answer all human questions in consecutive and logic manner. First users stress that such a dialogue is similar to a real conversation unlike the previous one.


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