Microsoft bot: Windows 10 is spyware

25 July 2017
Microsoft bot: Windows 10 is spyware

Microsoft smart bot is again in the spotlight: Business Insider journalists posed Zo an innocent question about the last Windows version and got the answer that Windows 10 was a spyware. It turned out that the bot likes Windows 7 for good operation while Windows 10 lacks some necessary functions.

It is not the first time a new Microsoft bot gives unusual and quite inappropriate answers. Zo developers banned the bot from answering compromising questions about politics and religion, which, however, didn’t stop the virtual companion. It claimed that the Koran was very cruel and the death of the Al-Qaeda leader was put-up.

Microsoft representatives reported that such answers were due to the system errors that have already been fixed. Currently, Zo doesn’t answer questions about religion and politics. However, it doesn’t prevent the bot from criticizing Windows 10.

It is not the first time Zo tells it doesn’t like new versions. For the Slashdot journalists the chatbot claimed Windows XP to be better than Windows 8, and it preferred Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Obviously, the flow of questions about the quality of the last Windows version annoyed Zo, so in the end of the conversation, the bot advised the journalists to switch to Linux.

AI chatbot Zo is an improved version of the self-learning Tay launched by Microsoft in spring last year. Within several hours in the Net, Tay started writing racist messages, hating feminists and worshiping Hitler. Microsoft representatives promised that a new bot would avoid controversial topics.

You can talk to Zo by Facebook Messenger.

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