Google bot to support LG household appliances

01 September 2017
Google bot to support LG household appliances

The Google company has decided to integrate its voice bot, Google Assistant, in the LG Electronics electrical appliances including fridges and washers.

It will be shortly possible to speak to these appliances to control them; however, you will still have to use your smartphone with installed Google Assistant. The bot, integrated in the refrigerator, will suggest you to buy missing products to make a dinner. The virtual interlocutor connected to a washer will set up a proper washing mode in view of the water- and electricity-savings. Moreover, this smart bot will assist you managing a vacuum cleaner and a sprinkler.

The famous IT-giant presented its Google Assistant last year. So far, the voice bot is available on mobile gadgets and the Google Home device, and since the mid of autumn, the suppliers are going to add other smart columns and devices.

It is interesting that the Google’s competitor, Microsoft, also intends to implement its own bot, Cortana, in household appliances. However, the assistant will be available only on those devices with a display.

Despite the popularity of Amazon Alexa and Cortana, Google Assistant is recognized as the most intelligent voice bot.

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