For business: modern customer service trends

29 June 2017
For business: modern customer service trends

Today, consumers are connected to brands through various channels. The number of the latter is constantly growing, as a result changing the format of customer service. Now companies not merely cater to every customer but rather use the end-to-end concept: they start from the quick introduction of users to the value of a specific product and achieve continuous cooperation.

Below, you will find up-to-date customer service trends that companies should use to attract and retain customers.


Six business trends for efficient communication with customers


1. Increasing loyalty through omnichannelling

According to Defaqto Research, 55% of consumers are ready to spend more on services of companies that offer better customer service seven days a week. Therefore, to increase customer loyalty, brands should use different communication channels. Besides, omnichannelling allows companies to personalize customer experience, implement chatbots to automate technical support and provides many other advantages.

2. Using Big Data to create customer profile

Voice communication is just one of the communication channels today. According to Microsoft statistics, customers use it to communicate with brands in 35% of cases. However, chatbots are used twice as often now. As communication is shifting to the digital format, companies accumulate huge data arrays, which can be used to create a comprehensive customer profile, for segmentation, personalized engagement of the target audience (individual targeting), etc. Application of Big Data processing technologies will lead to substantial improvement in customer service quality in the future.

3. Binding omnichannel solutions and CRM for personalized online communication

Omnichannel technologies allow learning where a customer came from, what interested him and other information. Combining this data with CRM will allow operators and chatbots to solve customer queries much quicker, thus increasing productivity and efficiency of customer support. By the way, according to DialTech, chatbot integration will allow decreasing expenditures on the maintenance of contact centers at least by 20%.

4. Predictive engagement of separate customers through data analysis along all channels

American retailer Overstock monitors which customers are close to making a purchase and does everything possible for it to happen. It collects user data along all communication channels, analyzes it and makes beneficial offers to users. The company has achieved considerable success, as it managed to reach users using all possible resources and devices. In the future, brands will learn to project the route of users on digital channels up to the moment when they are ready to make a purchase.

5. Integration of various digital communication channels with self-service systems

Chatbots are the simplest illustration. Using them, customers can choose the needed product and buy it. Thus, managers of clothing brand Everlane process thousands of customer queries with the help of virtual assistants. Soon, managers will be able to delegate all their responsibilities to artificial intelligence bots.

6. Automation of digital communication channels

Use of omnichannelling, chatbots, Big Data processing systems, and other technologies will allow automating the bigger part of communications. In such a way, companies will be able to build the most effective business processes, when the system can track malfunctions of communication channels and offer a correct solution of the problem.

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