Beeline launched a smart chatbot for customer support

05 May 2017
Beeline launched a smart chatbot for customer support

VimpelCom jointly with the Speech Technology Center developed a smart chatbot for Beeline’s customer support. The chatbot understands natural speech and can deal with text and voice requests.

The virtual assistant Beeline is able to identify reasons of inquiries and provide a client with all the necessary information. In particular, it can speak about topical and new tariffs, special offers, services and a lot more. In case of complex requests, the bot instantaneously connects a user to an operator of the support service.

According to developers, ChatNavigator and VoiceNavigator as well as leading technologies of machine learning were used while designing the bot. Thanks to this fact it can take into account the context of communication, accumulate experience and learn all the time. Besides, the virtual assistant may be easily improved and new scripts of answers can be added to the system.

In the future Beeline bot will become a fully functional virtual assistant which quickly gives clients needed information and provides high-quality technical support.

To communicate with the bot, go to the official website or use the app “My Beeline”.

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