Aviasales, Svyaznoy, YouDrive: how to implement bots in business correctly

17 August 2017
Aviasales, Svyaznoy, YouDrive: how to implement bots in business correctly

The emergence of chatbots has stimulated businesses. It seemed that a magic tool appeared, capable of reducing costs, increasing revenues as well as the number and loyalty of customers. However, that was not the case. It turned out that few people could use the solution correctly. We have chosen three case studies to show how to integrate business bots.

The landscape of chatbot application

The American service KeyReply has created a convenient landscape scheme, which demonstrates how and where chatbots are used in the world.

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The central circle represents messengers that support the development of chatbots. You will find Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other companies there.

Further, there are areas with companies that have launched chatbots of specific types. The Providers circle includes companies that help brands to develop and launch bots. And the Tools circle represents instruments that help to create virtual assistants.

Which chatbots are the most useful?

Experts advise to visualize the chatbot’s mission clearly before integrating it. Marketing bots are efficient for short-term tasks, when you need to attract as many users as possible and to boost conversion.

Customer support bots are a more long-term project. They allow improving customer loyalty thanks to instant answers and reducing the operators’ load. They potentially can replace a part of call center employees.

Three successful case studies of the Russian companies that use chatbots

1. A car sharing bot YouDrive.
Platform: Telegram

Company developers have analyzed the customer queries made through different communication channels and created a chatbot to answer the most widespread questions. Today, the bot processes two thirds of customer queries. It instantly answers the questions like how to start a car, what should be done in a car crash or in case of malfunctions, solves problems with orders, etc. If the bot cannot process the query, it transfers the customer to the relevant specialist of the company.

2. A game bot for Svyaznoy’s quest.
Platform: Telegram

Svyaznoy and Iwill agency decided to use a chatbot to hold the interactive quest on the eve of Halloween. Users helped the hero to reach a specific sales outlet, where a girl worked, that the hero fancied according to the plot. In such a way, the chatbot allowed engaging the maximum number of users and brought a new method of interacting with the audience into life.

3. A bot that searches for discount tickets from Aviasales.
Platforms: Telegram, Slack

Aviasales bot informs users about the relevant plane ticket prices, helping to buy the cheapest tickets with the highest discounts. The customer can set parameters for the discount to be not less than 50%. And the bot will look for it. According to company representatives, that’s the best marketing scenario.

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