ABI Research: chatbots are needed for time saving, automatization and predicting

26 July 2017
ABI Research: chatbots are needed for time saving, automatization and predicting

Chatbots are actively used in corporate tasks solution. According to ABI Research analytics, they not only answer clients’ FAQs but also automatize routine work, make predictions, etc. It is machine learning that ensured such functions of bots.

Experts are sure that the technological revolution will go through several stages:

  • corporate dialog systems projecting;
  • appearance of universal bots developing tools;
  • third-party developers solutions scaling by the SaaS model.

The Research Director Jeff Orr says that, in fact, the advantage of chatbots and dialog interfaces is obvious. They facilitate the interaction between brands and clients, which makes the work easier.

In most cases, modern chatbots perform the role of customer support representatives. However, there exist examples of virtual companions engagement in client hunting and product appeal increasing. General Electric, Nissan, Budweiser and Vodafone have already tested such chatbots.

Also, analytics outline that Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have hired more than 90 thousand developers for the effective corporate solutions developing.

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