7 steps on how to integrate messenger into business

16 March 2017
7 steps on how to integrate messenger into business

Previously, main channels of communication between companies and customers were phone calls, emails, social networks and chat rooms on websites. Today these are messengers.

A co-founder of the messenger based Chat Helpdesk customer service, Vsevolod Volchansky, shared his experience on introduction of new channels of communication with consumers in the existing business.

Actions to be taken when implementing messengers:

Step 1: Find out how much beneficial it is for your company to use messenger.

Basically, such communication channels are needed by telecom operators, online shops, bookmakers, taxi companies, as well as other companies that conduct business online and have many advanced customers.

Step 2: Find out which platforms are used by your company's target audience.

The Russian users communicate via WhatsApp and Viber most of all. However, in order to figure out the preferences of your customers, it is advisable to test all possible channels of communication.

Step 3: Foresee the number of customer requests to realize how many employees will be needed to process them.

One operator can respond approximately to 1000 messages or process 50 customer requests per day. If you need to process more requests from different cities/countries, it is better to set up the outsourcing chat center.

Step 4: Consider messenger features.

Each messenger has its pros and cons for business. For example, WhatsApp is very popular among users, but does not have an open API, thus, does not support many services. Popular in the regions of Russia, Viber recently launched two types of new accounts with an open API - Public and Business. Telegram is considered to be the most advanced and safe messenger, although it is not that popular in Russia.

Step 5: Think about terms of client servicing.

It is important to choose the style of communication beforehand, set the time for processing the request, decide whether templates for quick answers will be used etc.

Step 6: Allocate the budget.

Using messengers does not require expenses. You will have to fork out only on wages and working places equipping. Specialized customer services like Chat Helpdesk, msg.ai, Textback will cost about 5 thousand rubles a month.

Step 7: Announce the launch of a new communication channel and start working.

Of course, initially you need to install the system, set up accounts and train employees.

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