7 main trends in chatbots development

27 January 2017
7 main trends in chatbots development

Previous year, due to Messenger Platform, one has developed a lot of bots with different functionality. Mikhail Larionov, a head of team developing this platform, told about this year’s main trends of chatbot industry development.


7 trends of chatbots development in 2017


1. Only business communication

Users are tired of meaningless communication and enormous information flows. That is why chatbots are valuable: they can provide a definite answer to the given question. Bots will be able to process natural language, however, copying of familiar communication will likely become an exception rather than the rule.

2. Possibility to provide mobile web pages

The integration of page versions for mobile devices simplifies the search significantly and allows a chatbot fully involve mobile platform opportunities. In such a way, a bot can show user the web page with search results of required product instead of generating complex communication with selected information.

3. Performing important social functions

Functional bots can smoothly conduct a lot of significant daily tasks, which means that users will communicate with a virtual assistant more often and recommend it to family members, relatives and friends. By the way, experts wait for virus bots in the nearest time.

4. Overrunning ecosystem

Due to the chatbot industry development, virtual companions will have new tools and functions that can be used beyond the ecosystem.

5. Useful tool for each sector

Cross functional bots will be gradually replaced by specialized software. It is expected that tools for retailing, media, service sector and other things will appear this year.

6. New ways of interaction with customers

Messenger platform developers have implemented a perfect solution: automation of the most frequent requests using bots. When these bots fail to answer user’s question, an operator gets involved. The development of this industry will lead to the greater amount of customer support hybrid models.

7. Bots “arms race”

With the invention of bots, many companies are aiming to be the first to implement them and obtain a competitive advantage. In turn, developers and marketers are also examining new opportunities of chatbots in order to implement unique tools. Such an “arms race” will lead to new interesting and useful solutions.

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