5 steps for chatbots to occupy retail

17 February 2017
5 steps for chatbots to occupy retail

Prospects of the use of chatbots in retail are really great. In the future they will be able to select the best products, pay bills, do shopping, etc. However, they still should become a bit more functional and “smarter”, and users need time to get used to new technologies.

There are 5 steps that are necessary for chatbots to become a major tool of retailers.


Step 1: get users used to chatbots

It will help to create a separate channel of communication with customers. First, chatbot answers to the most common questions, and then becomes a standard of e-commerce. Experts believe that the number of retail bots on the Russian market will increase. So people will get used to such a service quite soon. Therefore, chatbots will become a common tool of marketing, sales and customer support.

Step 2: It is important to provide bot with an access to all data of the store

Deep integration allows chatbots to increase resource conversion. Today, there are already technologies, due to which the virtual assistant can support the customer throughout the process: from order making to payment. However, it is important to provide a bot with an access to all functions of online store, including products catalog, sales statistics and user actions record.

Step 3: Chatbots should become more useful

Only useful chatbots become popular among users. Bots can perform minor actions: notify about meetings, or check the status of the order. However, if bot saves time, timely informs about important events and helps to avoid stressful situations, it will likely be successful. Bot does not have to support any kind of conversation; sometimes it is good enough to perform only specific actions.

Step 4: Chatbots should always develop

In just a few months corporate bot can be trained to handle about 80% of the requests. The main thing is to provide a virtual assistant with the possibility for self-studying during servicing. Each dialogue with the bot provides invaluable material for analysis and improvement of the program's features. The more slang words it knows, the better it copes with its responsibilities.

Step 5: It is important to develop uniform standards of conduct for chatbots

When developing and using chatbots, it is necessary not only to exclude the use of offensive language and intolerant statements, but also to establish the boundaries between information and spam. Should the bot ask permission for data processing? Can the bot pretend to be a person? Will the user be angry after finding out that his personal data became available to bot? Basing on answers to these questions it is necessary to develop uniform standards of conduct, which will allow users to trust chatbots and the companies creating them.

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